Duplex and Tandem Community Workshop Weds Sept 21 6p

City of Orlando Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, Orlando City Hall

The City of Orlando Municipal Planning Board and Planning Staff want to hear from residents and businesses as we explore changes to our code about the development of tandems and duplexes in the City.

The goals of these proposed changes are to ensure that as Orlando grows, we grow in a way that both preserves and the unique character of our neighborhoods and provides for affordable, quality housing opportunities for our residents.

Discussion topics include design goals that will help ensure these new developments complement and reflect the special character of our neighborhoods.

For more info visit cityoforlando.net/duplexes or contact City of Orlando Chief Planner Elisabeth Dang at 407-246-3408 or elisabeth.dang@cityoforlando.net




2nd City of Orlando Virginia/Lake Highland Community Meeting Tues. Sept 20 6:30p

District 3 Comm. Robert Stuart, City of Orlando Planning and Transportation stff and Renaissance Planning Group invite the community to continue the conversation about the Virginia/Lake Highland Transportation & Land Use Study.

Please join us to hear an update on the study, including what infomation has been gathered from the community, in addition to data on current transportation infrastructure and parking, current land uses, development patterns and makret conditions in the area. We’ll also start discussions and present ideas based on this information to get your input on specifics like roadway improvements, sidewalk and crosswalk changes, bike routes, redevelopment opportunities and on-street parking changes.

For more information contact Cindy Light at 407-246-3245 or visit cityoforlando.net/virginialakehighlandstudy



VirginiaDriveMeetingNoticeUpdate_Final (2)

City of Orlando Virginia/Lake Highland Transportation & Land Use Study Community Kick Off Meeting AUGUST 1

Public input forum
Presentation of plan recommendations

Monday, August 1 at 6:30 PM

Harry P. Leu Gardens
1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803


From: Natalie Jones <natalie.jones@cityoforlando.net>
Date: Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 1:40 PM
Subject: Re: Duplex/Tandem Update

Have you and your association heard about the new updates on the proposed duplex/tandem requirements?
If so, how do you and your residents feel about the changes and what else would your neighborhood like to see from the City to help educate residents on these changes?
Please take a moment to share your thoughts on this issue and if you need more information, go to this link showing the post from the City’s Planning Director: http://www.cityoforlando.net/city-planning/2015/04/01/update-on-duplextandem-requirements

Your opinion is valuable to us, so please share freely. I will be giving you a follow up call soon to get your input.

Natalie Jones, Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator
Office of Communications & Neighborhood Relations
City of Orlando
400 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
P: 407.246.2070
C: 321.231.5832
F: 407.246.2584
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IVANHOE PLACE/THE YARD: Municipal Planning Board Agenda for Tuesday’s Meeting & Staff Report

AGENDA for Tuesday’s MPB (Municipal Planning Board) meeting.

Of concern is item 6 on the last page regarding the abandonment of Alden and more for Ivanhoe Place/The Yard development on Philadelphia.

The staff report is linked from there to where it’s hosted on the City’s site.

You can also get the Staff Report here.

We hope to see as many neighbors as possible at City Council Chambers at 8:30a Tuesday, February 17th.

Lake Formosa Announcments – Important Meetings Coming up!

Neighborhood Meeting – Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

At the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center, 610 N. Lake Formosa Drive. Agenda includes: 1) City of Orlando District 3 report by Commissioner Robert Stuart, and 2) Chance Gordy and Inverlad Development team presentation on proposed Alden Road and Philadelphia Avenue development aka Ivanhoe Place.


Neighborhood Planning Meetings – Saturday, January 24 and Sunday January 25, 2015, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. At the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center, 610 N. Lake Formosa Drive. We need your support to prepare neighborhood feedback on the proposed Alden Road and Philadelphia Avenue development at the upcoming City of Orlando Metropolitan Planning Board (MPB) meeting. The Loch Haven Neighborhood Center venue will be open for Lake Formosa and other area residents to discuss and develop talking points to address our concerns with the City of Orlando. Please join us! Additional meeting dates will be set up as needed to prepare for the public hearing on the development.

General Membership Meeting – Monday, February 9, 2015, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. At the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center, 610 N. Lake Formosa Drive. (See Page 2 here). Moving our general meeting (previously scheduled for January 20) to this date allows residents to focus on the impending development at the January 20, 2015 meeting.

City of Orlando Metropolitan Planning Board Meeting Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Important Message to all Lake Formosa Neighborhood Residents…

Inverlad submitted an official application for the Ivanhoe Place development to the City of Orlando on December 22, 2014. This project will be reviewed at the February 17, 2015, City of Orlando MPB meeting.  The plans have been considered sufficiently complete for review and the project was placed on the agenda for the February meeting.  Because Inverlad is proposing an abandonment of a road (specifically Alden Road), there are two items for the MPB to consider: 1) the proposed road abandonment and 2) the proposed mixed-use development.


For further information:


  • MPB Agenda items with regard to this development proposal:

Click to access MPBSchedule2015rv2.pdf


Mills Park/Traffic control on Haven Drive

We are concerned about the lack of traffic control coming from the Mills Park development, right on Haven and going through the neighborhood and urge you to consider this.

The final Mills Park PD ordinance is here:MillsParkFINALPD_1210221204-201241

As expected, the left-in/right-out requirement is Condition No. C2.

There is also a condition that Haven not be used for commercial deliveries (C3).

I’m not sure how this has been addressed, but it does not seem to have been addressed on the two signs on Virginia directing traffic to Mills Park.

Here are a few talking points for anyone who wants to write a letter to City Staff or our elected officials.

* Minimizing cut-through traffic along South Lake Formosa Drive and Haven has always been one of the major concerns of the Lake Formosa neighborhood regarding Mills Park. Conditions C2, C3, and C25 were included in the PD only because of the concerns and activism of the Lake Formosa neighborhood residents.

* Condition C2 clearly states that the Nebraska & Haven intersection is to provide for right turns into and left turns out of Mills Park onto Haven. Left turns from Haven into Mills Park are prohibited by the conditions of the PD.

 * Signage on Haven was not specifically included as a condition of the PD because Haven is a City of Orlando Right-of-way and lies outside of the PD boundary.

 * The Mills Park developers have complied with the requirements of C2, but the City has failed to provide the signage along Haven to inform motorist that left turns into Mills Park are prohibited.

 * Without a “No Left Turn” sign on haven at the Nebraska intersection the prohibition of left turns into the development is unenforceable.

 * Condition C25 does not preclude proactive measures to ensure compliance with the no left turn into Mills Park condition of C2, rather it provides a mechanism for any future additional mitigative measures should the provisions of C2 prove ineffective at minimizing cut-through traffic on South Lake Formosa.

 * We are aware of the reasons why City planners prefer not to limit access in the existing street grid, however, the Nebraska/Haven intersection was not part of the existing street grid before construction of Mills Park, but rather was added to the street grid as part of the Mills Park development. As such, it requires special measures (Conditions C2, C3 & C25) to avoid impacting traffic flow in the Lake Formosa neighborhood.

 * Our neighbors have carefully weighed the convenience of direct vehicular access to Mills Park and the potential traffic impacts of unfettered access to Haven from Mills Park, and have decided through the resolutions and actions of our Neighborhood Association that the potential harm of cut-through traffic outweighed any potential benefit from unfettered turns at the Haven/Nebraska intersection.

 * The Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association has not mentioned the specific conditions of the Mills Park PD to City officials or staff since the original Mills Park PD was approved because we have relied on the City’s enforcement of the PD to insure that all parties would abide by the specific conditions of the PD. We have considered it as settled business, but we have not lost interest or forgotten our concerns regarding avoiding cut-through traffic in the neighborhood.

 Please feel free to include these points in any letter to City staff or officials.  I hope that if anyone wants to use these talking points that they will paraphrase them to reflect their own views of this issue.


Gordon S., LFNA Neighborhood Advocate, Acting Vice President

LYMMO East/West Expansion Project Update‏

Join us anytime between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM on Wednesday, October 24th for an update on the final design and construction of the LYMMO East/West Expansion Project.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Open House)


Orlando Public Library
101 East Central Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32801
Albertson Room, 3rd Floor


Of the Mayor’s list of the benefits of SunRail, these three are probably the most important for our neighborhood:

“Help for the Elderly and Handicapped
• SunRail will give the elderly and handicapped residents of Central Florida a new means of transportation and enhanced ability to be self-reliant.

Bolstering Home Prices and Strengthening the Real Estate Market Against Future Downturns
• Within 20 years, property owners can expect an increase of almost nine times their current value for property values within one-half mile of station stops.

Access to Jobs and Opportunities
• SunRail will give residents expanded access to jobs. Conversely, the 61-mile commuter train will give employers access to a much broader base of potential employees.”

If you support SunRail, and I believe that is the consensus of our most of our neighbors, please email or call the Governor’s office and tell him so.

—–Forwarded Message———-Forwarded Message—–
From: Mayor Buddy Dyer
Sent: Jun 10, 2011 3:45 PM
To: j-g-spears@earthlink.net
Subject: Voice Your Support for SunRail


Are you tired of traffic jams on I-4?
Are you looking for an alternative to rising gas prices?

We are on the verge of having a solution to those and many other challenges….SunRail.

SunRail is a 61-mile commuter line that would run from Deland to Poinciana. There will be four stops in Downtown Orlando at Florida Hospital, LYNX Central Station, Church Street and Orlando Health Medical Center.

Governor Scott and his team are in the final days of a review period and we need your help in making sure that the Governor knows that this project is a priority for Central Florida.

The strength of Central Florida is reinforced each and every time we stand together behind projects of regional significance.

There are many throughout Florida who do not support SunRail and they have shared that with Governor Scott.

It is important that your voice of support is heard. Please write a letter or email Governor Scott, let him know that you live/work/play in Orlando and you support SunRail.

Office of Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001


Call or fax to:
(850) 488-7146 (phone)
(850) 487-0801 (fax)

Below is a list of benefits that may assist you in writing Governor Scott in support of SunRail.

SunRail: What’s in it for ME?
Real World Benefits of SunRail

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
• SunRail’s construction will create 10,000 desperately needed jobs, almost immediately.
• Over the next 30 years, SunRail will create more than 250-thousand jobs and generate an economic impact of more than 8-billion dollars

An Answer to Skyrocketing Gas Prices
• As our community is faced with a future of 4 or even 5 and 6 dollar-a-gallon gas, SunRail will give Central Florida’s residents a less expensive alternative to their automobiles.

An Alternative to Congested Roads
• SunRail will carry the equivalent of one lane of traffic on Interstate 4, providing a viable travel alternative to our increasingly-congested roadways.

A Quicker, More Reliable Commute
• Say goodbye to standing still on the highway during rush hour. SunRail will offer residents reliable, on-time transit that is not susceptible to long delays because of congestion or traffic accidents.

No More “Lost Time” Sitting in a Car
• Rather than sitting in a car, SunRail riders will be free to attend to the details of life while they are commuting, instead of focusing on driving.
• SunRail’s Wi-Fi-enabled cars will offer travelers the ability to work while they travel.

Reduced Sprawl, Smarter Growth
• SunRail will allow for the development of more walkable, livable communities.

Improvements to Florida’s Port and Freight Rail System
• The purchase of SunRail’s tracks from CSX comes with a unique commitment that every penny of the 432-million sale price be re-invested in Florida’s transportation infrastructure.
• This means SunRail will result directly in an increase in global trade in Florida by improving connectivity between our ports and major markets in northern states.

The Foundation for the Creation of More Mass Transit Options
• Planning is already underway to expand downtown Orlando’s free bus circulator, Lymmo, to connect with and compliment SunRail. SunRail will act as a catalyst for other Central Florida cities to expand mass transit options.

A Cleaner, Healthier Environment
• SunRail will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and our community’s overall carbon footprint.

Help for the Elderly and Handicapped
• SunRail will give the elderly and handicapped residents of Central Florida a new means of transportation and enhanced ability to be self-reliant.

Bolstering Home Prices and Strengthening the Real Estate Market Against Future Downturns
• Within 20 years, property owners can expect an increase of almost nine times their current value for property values within one-half mile of station stops.

Access to Jobs and Opportunities
• SunRail will give residents expanded access to jobs. Conversely, the 61-mile commuter train will give employers access to a much broader base of potential employees.

Reducing our Reliance on Foreign Oil
• Every year our country gives 700 billion dollars away to the Middle East and other oil rich economies. This dependence threatens our economy. More important than money, this reliance on foreign oil threatens the safety of all Americans as our oil addiction helps feed the coffers of terrorist organizations bent on killing US citizens.
• SunRail is one part of a much larger energy strategy that would reduce Central Florida and America’s dependence on foreign oil.

A New Tool to Attract Companies
• Research has consistently indicated that superior mass transit options significantly aid in a community’s ability to attract new businesses to their metropolitan region.

A More Cost-Effective Way to Move People
• SunRail’s capital construction costs are $615 million dollars.
• The cost to expand I-4 to carry the same amount of people as SunRail would exceed $4 billion dollars.

A Smart Investment for our Future
• Every dollar invested in transportation yields approximately $5.60 in economic benefits to the state of Florida.