Mills Park/Traffic control on Haven Drive

We are concerned about the lack of traffic control coming from the Mills Park development, right on Haven and going through the neighborhood and urge you to consider this.

The final Mills Park PD ordinance is here:MillsParkFINALPD_1210221204-201241

As expected, the left-in/right-out requirement is Condition No. C2.

There is also a condition that Haven not be used for commercial deliveries (C3).

I’m not sure how this has been addressed, but it does not seem to have been addressed on the two signs on Virginia directing traffic to Mills Park.

Here are a few talking points for anyone who wants to write a letter to City Staff or our elected officials.

* Minimizing cut-through traffic along South Lake Formosa Drive and Haven has always been one of the major concerns of the Lake Formosa neighborhood regarding Mills Park. Conditions C2, C3, and C25 were included in the PD only because of the concerns and activism of the Lake Formosa neighborhood residents.

* Condition C2 clearly states that the Nebraska & Haven intersection is to provide for right turns into and left turns out of Mills Park onto Haven. Left turns from Haven into Mills Park are prohibited by the conditions of the PD.

 * Signage on Haven was not specifically included as a condition of the PD because Haven is a City of Orlando Right-of-way and lies outside of the PD boundary.

 * The Mills Park developers have complied with the requirements of C2, but the City has failed to provide the signage along Haven to inform motorist that left turns into Mills Park are prohibited.

 * Without a “No Left Turn” sign on haven at the Nebraska intersection the prohibition of left turns into the development is unenforceable.

 * Condition C25 does not preclude proactive measures to ensure compliance with the no left turn into Mills Park condition of C2, rather it provides a mechanism for any future additional mitigative measures should the provisions of C2 prove ineffective at minimizing cut-through traffic on South Lake Formosa.

 * We are aware of the reasons why City planners prefer not to limit access in the existing street grid, however, the Nebraska/Haven intersection was not part of the existing street grid before construction of Mills Park, but rather was added to the street grid as part of the Mills Park development. As such, it requires special measures (Conditions C2, C3 & C25) to avoid impacting traffic flow in the Lake Formosa neighborhood.

 * Our neighbors have carefully weighed the convenience of direct vehicular access to Mills Park and the potential traffic impacts of unfettered access to Haven from Mills Park, and have decided through the resolutions and actions of our Neighborhood Association that the potential harm of cut-through traffic outweighed any potential benefit from unfettered turns at the Haven/Nebraska intersection.

 * The Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association has not mentioned the specific conditions of the Mills Park PD to City officials or staff since the original Mills Park PD was approved because we have relied on the City’s enforcement of the PD to insure that all parties would abide by the specific conditions of the PD. We have considered it as settled business, but we have not lost interest or forgotten our concerns regarding avoiding cut-through traffic in the neighborhood.

 Please feel free to include these points in any letter to City staff or officials.  I hope that if anyone wants to use these talking points that they will paraphrase them to reflect their own views of this issue.


Gordon S., LFNA Neighborhood Advocate, Acting Vice President

2013 Lake Formosa Cleanup Sunday April 7th – 1p – 3p

The 2013 Lake Formosa Cleanup Sunday April 7th is from 1p – 3p.

We will be meeting in the parking lot next to the Lochaven Neighborhood Center, 610 North Lake Formosa.

We are partnering once again with Keep Orlando Beautiful, who will be providing trash bags and collection equipment and water.

Contact Emily at if you want to volunteer.

2013 Spring OPP Swap & Shop – Friday, March 15

2013 Spring OPP Swap & Shop

1300 Brookhaven Dr Orlando, FL 32804
Friday, March 15, 2013, 6:00PM until 8:30PM

It’s about that time for the SPRING Swap. We are excited about our NEW Sponsors this time. is going to give a FREE Glass of Wine w each Swap ticket purchased. And Always glad to have around as our Media Sponsor! And our always faithful will be on hand to give out totes for all of your NEW finds and lots of other FREEbies!

$7 – If you drop your items off by the 14th
$12 – If you bring your items the night of at 6p

In order to make this the BEST possible event for you, we need you to drop off your items BEFORE the Swap. If you bring your items before the 15th. You pay only $7 for the Swap. If you bring your items the night of, it’s $12. You will pay at the event, not when you drop off your items. Please drop your items (sorted into categories) w your name on it at:
CREDO Coffeehouse
706 W. Smith St
Orlando, FL 32804

We are really thrilled to be at a same location right in the heart of the Ivanhoe Village Shopping District: 1300 Brookhaven Dr Orlando 32803. More room, means more people and therefore more clothes. We will have homemade cupcakes for sale from 6-7p while people get registered. Swap will be from 7-8:30p.

KIDS clothing! Moms get your kids clothes that they have out grown together and bring home some new stuff they can fit into!

** We NEED Volunteers!! If you are available the night of for all or part of the day / night, please let us know.**

The REASON: According to the U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste, Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year. We are trying to help reduce that number by having you keep your clothes in circulation and out of landfills.

This is how it ALL goes down: Start cleaning out those closets. GUYS & Girls.

First Part is a Clothing Swap! Bring all your clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc that have been your closet forever that you just don’t wear anymore, have grown out of, or was just never right for you to begin with and we will swap! Bring your old stuff. Bring home some new stuff. GENTLEMEN: PLEASE participate.

Second part of the Party is shopping Other Peoples Property. Get yourself loaded with the Best in Vintage. We will have an extensive collection of vintage clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags and much more. This is your chance to get some fantastic and one of a kind vintage pieces! We collect the best Vintage around for your shopping pleasure and have also added a lot of amazing vintage jewelry.

***Please note that a percentage of everything sold will be given to Because over One Billion people don’t have clean fresh drinking water. We think that’s important and we hope you do too & Mission of Hope in Haiti.***

The left over clothes will be donated to Dress For Success. A non-profit that helps women get interview appropriate clothing and tips. Please check them out: The BETA Center for teenage moms and local Homeless Ministries.

The more the merrier so please invite all of your stylish friends!

Keep Orlando Beautiful Events

Hello Volunteers and Partners!

We are gearing up for our late winter and spring events for 2013:
  • Orlando Wetland’s Festival(volunteer spots filled, come enjoy this free event)-February 16th
  •  2013 Electronical Waste Collection  – Electronic Waste Recycling Event (we will take your old electronics AND you can enter to win a ThinkPad)-February 23rd
  • City Beautiful Waterway Cleanup (volunteers needed)-March 16th
I did not attach the Wetland’s flyer since it is such a large file, but you can visit their website at
Thank you,
Jody (Goostree) Buyas
Keep Orlando Beautiful Coordinator
407.246.2752 office
407.254.4723 graffiti hotline