MPB Refuses to Approve Parking for Dowd Project


On 5/19 I spoke before the Municipal Planning Board regarding the Dowd Project on Virginia Drive to urge them to add an additional on-street parallel parking space in front of the building. In spite of our neighborhood’s support of an additional parking space, Dowd’s support of an additional parking space, the City planning department’s support of an additional parking space, and the current City planning documents recommending additional on-street parking along Virginia, I failed to convince the MPB to add this condition. The Traffic Engineer would not support a reduction of the design standard of 23′ length for parallel parking spaces, and our request for the additional space failed.

Gordon Spears

Alden Road Realignment / Traffic Infrastructure / Development

•    Gordon Spears, Michael Jungen, and Louise Mills met with City of Orlando on March 24, 2008 to continue discussion on LFNA’s vision that incorporates the best aspects of the Neighborhood Horizons project while considering the impact of roadway realignment.
•    Dean Grandin, Division Manager of the City Planning Division, has indicated that previous plans are ‘obsolete and that we need to formulate news ones.
•    Gordon Spears, Michael Jungen, Louise Mills, and others from the LFNA Board will continue discussions with City of Orlando on this topic in the near future to develop a better understanding of City provisions, policies, regulations, rules, etc.
•    A community meeting to develop LFNA neighborhood consensus will then be held in the future.

City of Orlando Downtown Transportation Plan

Here is the link to the City of Orlando Downtown Transportation Plan dated 12/11/06.

It is a very large document with a lot of very interesting information, maps and diagrams. It makes references to the City’s Alden Road realignment consideration. If you do a search in the .pdf on “Alden” you will find 20 results including this in Section 5, page 46:

Alden Road Corridor

The Alden Road corridor may be the preferable route for transit service from Uptown to the Florida Hospital, Orlando Museum and John Young Science Center. The Alden Road corridor was the recommended corridor for the proposed Light Rail System. This option avoids crossing the CSX rail and runs parallel to CSX to the south and east. This alignment option would also use Weber Street to connect between north-south service on Orange Avenue and Magnolia Avenue, and would require new right-of-way for the alignment to connect to Highland Avenue where Alden Road would be extended to connect with Highland Avenue. Lake Highland Drive would be realigned to form a new intersection with the extended Alden Road. At Virginia Avenue the corridor should consider using Philadelphia Avenue instead of Alden Road in order to provide better separation from the CSX corridor and enable potential transit supportive development between CSX and the circulator alignment. If feasible, this corridor would be preferred to using Orange Avenue in order to avoid traffic disruption along Orange Avenue, impacts to on street parking and delay conflicts at the CSX rail crossings.