General Membership Meeting – LYMMO Meeting 1/26


The community meeting to discuss the Lynx Lymmo project will be held on Thuesday 26 January 2012 (see attached public notice).  The consultants will be presenting their preferred northern alignment at that meeting.  Our neighborhood has been very much engaged in this urban planning effort and we have every reason to anticipate that our concerns and preferences will be reflected in the Consultant’s recommended alignment.  This meeting will be our final chance to influence the future path of this transportation system which could be a huge benefit to our neighborhood.  I hope that each of you will attend and that the Lake Formosa neighborhood will be well represented.

Gordon Spears

Thursday, January 26, 2012
6:00 PM to 6:30 PM (Open House)
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (Presentation and Discussion)
The Mennello Museum of American Art
900 E. Princeton Street, Orlando, FL 32803

Flyer: LYMMO_Public Meeting Flyer_0126

Please Attend LYMMO Workshops – Monday, February 7, 2011


Monday, February 7, 2011

LYMMO Alternative Analysis Update presented by F. J. Flynn Division Manager, Transportation Planning
10 AM – City Council Workshop, City Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 400 South Orange Avenue

7:00 PM – College Park Community Center, 2393 Elizabeth Avenue (behind Princeton Elementary)

Please look for upcoming informational meetings this month via email and on the project website.

For updated information go to

Lynx | Central Florida Transportation Authority | 455 North Garland Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801-1518

See this PDF for alternative routes.


LYMMO Expansion Study – Public Meeting‏ Monday 8/2

Join us to learn about the LYMMO Expansion
Study. We need your ideas regarding future
routes and services.
WHEN: August 2, 2010
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
(Open House)
6:30 PM
(Presentation & Discussion)
WHERE: Orange County Regional
History Center
(65 E. Central Boulevard,
Orlando, FL 32801)

Download a pdf here with directions
LYNX and the City of Orlando are partnering to
evaluate the expansion of the LYMMO
circulator system. This LYMMO Expansion
Study will provide a fresh look at transit
modes, alignment alternatives, ridership
demand, costs and impacts, and potential
funding strategies associated with an expanded
LYMMO service. The study is being conducted
following Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
Alternative Analysis procedures to keep open
the prospect of future federal funding for an
expanded LYMMO system.
During the meeting, we will present
information on existing conditions within the
study area (see map), as well as goals and
objectives for LYMMO improvements, and a
preliminary framework of alignment and mode
alternatives to be evaluated.
We seek your initial ideas regarding future
LYMMO routes, services, stations and other
For additional information, please contact
Ginger Corless at 407-616-5500 or

Dec. 16 Meeting RE: Mills Ave. Improvement Project (Virginia to Dorchester), Intersections at Lake Highland-Marks St.‏

Please try to attend this meeting on Wednesday. While this project is already designed, and while there are currently no plans to 4-lane Virginia, this is a good opportunity to remind the City Transportation Dept of our opposition to any widening of Virginia.

>>> From:
Date: November 30, 2009 12:58:02 PM EST
Subject: Dec. 16 Meeting RE: Mills Ave. Improvement Project
(Virginia to Dorchester) and Intersections at Lake Highland and Marks St.

Dear Neighborhood Leader,

The City of Orlando is hosting an Open House on December 16, 2009 between 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Colonialtown Neighborhood Center, 1517 Lake Highland Drive, Orlando (corner of Fern Creek Ave & Lake Highland Dr. / 407-246-4449) about the Mills Ave. Improvement Project (Virginia to Dorchester) and intersections at Lake Highland and Marks St. The design plans will be available for inspection and project representatives will be available to answer any questions.

We ask that you inform your association members and neighbors about this upcoming Open House. Please see the attached flyer for details
or feel free to contact me. I hope to see you on Dec. 16.

Patricia Newton, Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator
Office of Communications & Neighborhood Relations
City of Orlando
P.O. Box 4990
400 S. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407.246.3245
Cell: 407.797.1474
Fax: 407.246.2584

FDOT Meeting for Orange Avenue TODAY, 11/20/08 at 5p


This is a reminder about the public meeting this afternoon (Thursday 20 November) at 5:00 at the Lock Haven Neighborhood Center at the corner of Alden and North Lake Formosa. FDOT will be presenting it’s revised plans for Orange Avenue at 5:30 and 6:30 with Q&A sessions before and after the presentations. Thanks to your involvement and the involvement of the Ivanhoe Village merchants, Senator Lee Constantine, Representative Scott Randolph, and Commissioner Robert Stuart, FDOT has substantially revised its plans for Orange Avenue resulting in the elimination of far fewer parking spaces than they had originally proposed. I hope that everyone will come out tonight to show FDOT that this project is still on our radar.

On another note, Ivanhoe Village is holding it’s first Jingle Eve celebration tomorow evening (Friday 21 November) from 6:00 till 10:00 featuring holliday musical performances along Orange Avenue from Ivanhoe Row north to the White Wolf cafe. I hope to see you there!

Gordon Spears

FDOT Project Update – Meeting next Thursday


HERE is a flyer from FDOT regarding a public meeting scheduled for next Thursday to discuss the Orange Avenue resurfacing project. FDOT has already met with Ivanhoe Village, and has made substantial changes to their original plan and retaining most of the parking spaces that had been scheduled for removal. Thanks to everyone who wrote letters to our elected officials and the FDOT District Secretary. Our activism has certainly had an effect on FDOT’s plans.

Thanks for your participation!

Gordon Spears

Please send your comments to FDOT regarding their Orange Avenue plans


Thanks to all of you who have sent e-mails to FDOT and our elected representatives regarding FDOT’s plans for Orange Avenue. FDOT and our elected representatives have started to take notice.

Our City Commissioner, Robert Stuart, recently sent a letter to the FDOT District 5 Secretary urging FDOT to find a way to avoid the negetive impacts that the project as planned would cause. In his letter, Commissioner Stuart asked FDOT to consider many of the same design modifications tha we have been asking them for.

On Monday, I and several of the merchants along Orange Avenue met with our state Representative, Scott Randolph, and our State Senator, Lee Constantine to update them on the project. Both our Senator and our Representative have contacted the FDOT District 5 Secretary, and Monday afternoon, she called me to tell me that FDOT will take another look at the project to try to avoid the negative consequences of the project. While the Secretary did not commit to any specific design changes, she did say that she thought there were other design alternates that could be used to avoid impacting our neighborhood businesses.

Our strategy of pressuring FDOT from both the top and the bottom seems to be working, but we still havent seen any changes to their design that will preserve the viability of our neighborhood commercial district or improve the safety of the cyclist and pedestrians who also use Orange Avenue. We cannot let up in our efforts now.

If you havent yet sent a letter or e-mail to FDOT suggesting modifications to their design, please do so, and copy our elected officials as well. FDOT has pushed their public meeting back from mid October until November. I will keep you posted on this, and I hope that as many of our neighbors as possible will attend this important meeting.

Thank you!

Gordon Spears

FDOT and The Death of Orange Avenue


Here are PDF drawings from FDEP of their plans for Orange Ave at about 60% completion.




The lost parking spaces are highlighted in orange.  FDOT proposes to eliminate about 30 praking spaces or almost a third of the available spaces along much of the commercial core of Orange Avenue.  With parking already scarce and the limiting factor along Orange, this could spell the death of Orange Avenue as a neighborhood commercial street in this section.  FDOT does not care about this – their mandate is to facilitate the safe flow of veheicular traffic regardless of the negetive effects on the communities through which their highways are routed.  Florida is filled with cities and towns where once thriving commercial districts have been gutted by FDOT in their pursuit of facilitating the flow of traffic.  FDOT has also ignored the use of this corridor by cyclist and pedestrians – their design studies and projectiosn were for veheicular traffic only with no data at all on other users of the right of way.

I have met with FDOT representatives twice together with representatives of the City and Ivanhoe Village regarding this each time meeting with a higher level person.  Each time, the FDOT indicated that they would not modify their plans to accomodate the continued commercial viability  of the Orange Avenue / Ivanhoe Village corridor.  Now the City is meeting with the next higher level FDOT supervisor regarding this.

In our meetings, I presented our neighborhood’s vision of the future of this section of Orange Avenue as a multi-modal pedestrian, cyclist, and transit friendly community corridor.  We support measures to calm traffic through this corridor by reductions in the width and number of automotive lanes, additional pedestrian crossings and bulb outs, dedicated bicycle lanes, and additional on-street parking.  This is our neighborhood’s commercial main street, and we oppose any modifications to increase the automotive capacity of Orange Avenue at the expense of its community character.
Our specific recommendations were:

1 – Reduce south bound vehicular travel lanes between NE Ivanhoe Boulevard and Highland
from 2 lanes to 1 lane and reduce the width of these lanes to no more than 11 feet,
thus allowing for a bike lane and additional on-street parallel parking next to
the Park.

2 – Provide a safe pedestrian crossing mid-way between the New Hampshire and Virginia
traffic signals where the sidewalk ends across from NE Ivanhoe Boulevard.

3 – Preserve all existing on-street parallel parking spaces through application
of alternate line-of-sight standards at curb cuts.

4 – Reduce the speed along Orange Avenue through both signage and environmental design techniques, thus reducing the line-of-site requirements for curb cuts, preserving existing on-street parallel parking, and enhancing pedestrian and cyclist safety.

To this list, I might also add that FDOT should include pedestrian and cyclist survey data in its pre-design evaluation.

Please take the time to contact your elected representatives from both the City and State.  While the City has a more sympathetic view (they are with us on this), they are not the boss of FDOT and have little say in how the right of way is configured.  Our state representatives ARE the boss of FDOT, so while they may be less aware of the problem, they also have far greater influence over FDOT’s decisions.  Please send your e-mails to the FDOT District Secretary and copy it to each of our City and State elected representatives.  Their e-mails are listed below.

Noranne Downs, FDOT District 5 Secretary –

Scott Randolph, Florida House, District 36 –

Lee Constantine, Florida Senate, District 22 –

Gary Siplin, Florida Senate, District 19 –

Buddy Dyer, Mayor of Orlando –

Robert Stuart, City Commissioner District 3 –

In composing your e-mails, please feel free to cut and paste from this message, and please cc me too so that I can keep track of our community involvement in this issue.

Thank you.  It is your involvement that makes our neighborhood a community.

Gordon Spears

(407) 758-8478

Take Action to Preserve LYNX Service


Please see the attached e-mail below from the League of Women Voters.
This was an issue that we specifically brought up with Commissioner Segal when he visited our last neighborhood meeting. Now we need to contact him and County Mayor Crotty to reiterate our support for continued funding of LYNX, and for a dedicated funding source for LYNX in the future. Please write an e-mail to them today.

Commissioner Segal:
Mayor Crotty:


Gordon Spears
(407) 758-8478


woman at busLeague Members:
We need your help: Lynx is facing MAJOR cuts in service…these would start in three months, and have a severe impact on our elderly, our working citizens and employers.

Please take a moment to read and send an email to OC commissioners…
We need you either to attend the Orange County Commission Budget Public Hearing TODAY, Thursday at 6pm in County Chambers or next week 9/18…but even easier SEND AN EMAIL NOW!!!!!! and make your own personal comment on this issue…our Commissioners need to hear from the public that they care about a strong public transit system!

1. CLIP AND PASTE to Mayor and Board of County Commissioners:,,,,,,,

2. Send a personal message after reading below:
call to action: CONVENE a WORKSHOP to evaluate options to ensure LYNX funding enables them to maintain their current level of service.

-Bus ridership up by 6%, even with a fare increase of 17%
-Annual Savings when citizens ride bus versus car: $8,000 which is more than many households spend on food for a year
-Average wait time between buses NOW: one hour to one and a half hours
-Lynx is one of the few major metro transit services without a dedicated funding source, and is one of the lowest funded in the nation in our size market.
-Fuel increases have rapidly increased Lynx expenses resulting in a need for budget increase to maintain same level of service
-65% of those Lynx riders who use LYNX to get to work say they have NO OTHER WAY

WHAT THE LEAGUE IS ASKING FOR: We are asking the County commissioners to REQUEST a WORKSESSION to ensure Lynx has the funds it needs to avoid route and service cuts. Even though Mayor Crotty recently released his idea for a dedicated funding source it will not address the immediate shortfall. This proposal if passed by the region’s Boards of County Commissioners and voters would still not equate to the dollars needed to balance a status quo budget for 2009- AND Lynx would not be eligible to receive this money for another two years. Then there is the Federal Funding Formula: if Lynx loses riders and miles driven they also lose federal dollars within the same two year future. A cut in local service will result in a cut in Federal dollars. In the meantime all across the country communities continue to see climbing numbers of ridership as the economy struggles and the cost of gas increases. If our workers can’t get to work…what happens?

For more than 35 years the LWVOC has had a policy supporting a multimodal transpiration system which should be supported with dedicated funding. We are partners with Seminole and Osceola Leagues and want to see this through to success!

Currently Lynx is in a crisis state brought on by increases in expenses of fuel cost, paratransit service demand and labor agreements. In order not to impose major cuts in Orange County to fixed route service, and cuts in night and weekend service – we need a serious influx of new money to Lynx to avert many people’s lives being affected very adversely and our economy being further damaged. Some examples of employers who will be affected include employers in the tourism area, Orlando International Airport, our two major hospital groups (Florida Hospital and ORHS), the Veterans Administration Clinic in Winter Park, the University of Central Florida and Valencia Community College, and many small businesses who count on available bus service to bring their employees to work.

PLEASE ASK THE COMMISSIONERS TO CONVENE AN IMMEDIATE WORKSHOP TO ENSURE LYNX HAS FUNDING TO MAINTAIN AT LEAST THE SAME LEVEL OF SERVICE. This is a critical first step. We are calling one on one with Commissioners, but need you to speak as CITIZENS and say I CARE ABOUT PUBLIC TRANSIT and ensuring our citizens can get to work!

This is a short term step. Down the road we are calling for a regional summit, to include Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Volusia, to talk about this issue and discuss a myriad of possible sources for not just meeting our current need but growing a system which includes a great bus system and a great passenger rail system, which will grow over time and serve wide and far the needs of our community. The League encourages research and analysis of funding best practices from around the country to be evaluated in advance of that meeting, so we are using funding formulas that have shown to work and be equitable.

We need your voices to keep the pressure on to not just talk about this subject but do something! Let your voice be heard NOW!
Questions? Click here Lennon Moore
or LWVOC Transportation Co Chair

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