Sign Project Celebration: Lochaven Neighborhood Center Sunday, Sept. 13th, 2p – 5p
Music, food and get to know your neighbors and celebrate with the Sign Committee for the Neighborhood Signs.

Tuesday Sept. 15th General Neighborhood Meeting with Elections 7p at the Mennello

Neighborhood Signs are in!

Re: Sign Installation‏
From: Scott Evans (
Sent: Mon 10/13/08 7:19 AM
To: Scott Evans (

They are in! A special thanks to Michael Jungen, Brian Beery, Gary
Simpson, and Philip and Erika Hueneke for helping to install our
beautiful new signs.

In addition, thank you to Grant Heston for providing drinks and snacks
for our installation. I would also like to thank Kathie Skrobiak for
her eagle-eyed ability to locate the tiny missing washer.

Pictures will be forthcoming along with additional information about
the installation process.

Enjoy the signs!

Volunteers needed to install our neighborhood signs this Saturday!

On Tuesday evening the Beautification Committee finalized the sign installation plans for this coming Saturday, October 11th. The install day will begin bright and early at 9:00AM and we will meet at the first install site which is the island in the intersection of N. Lake Formosa and Alden Avenue. We have many jobs for volunteers that will fit within their comfort level and physical capabilities. If you are available to assist on Saturday, please RSVP to this email address – – so that I can be sure we have the proper help lined up for this project.

This is going to be an exciting day where we all have the opportunity take part in making a lasting physical improvement to our neighborhood. Congratulations to all of the volunteers and committee members who helped to make this project a success. Our initial application was submitted in September of 2006 and here we are over two years later installing our signs. This is a great example of the commitment and dedication to neighborhood improvements that makes this such a great place to live. The signs are currently sitting in our garage and are absolutely beautiful.

Please let me know if you are able to assist with the install on Saturday by emailing me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a wonderful day.

Project Leader
Beautification Committee
Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association

Lake Formosa Sign Project

•    Project is again underway after a temporary stall as the Right of Way (ROW) encroachment was reviewed and approved by City of Orlando
•    Next steps include City of Orlando City Council approval of project on 21 April 2008, at which time check for 50% of grant will be assigned so LFNA can order the signs.
•    Sign price must be re-verified as the price may have increased due to the significant amount of time that has passed during City of Orlando review and approval of the LFNA application package.
•    The signs should be ready to put into the ground in the next 6 to 7 months timeframe.
•    LFNA logo, including on the website and letterhead, have been changed to match the sign design.

Sign Committee Update

Subject: Re: LFNA Sign Committee – Draft Letter to Acknowledge Donated Architectural Design and Permitting Services
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 07:30:42 -0400

Hello all,
As you may have heard, we have finally received the necessary right-of-way encroachment signatures from city officials that were the cause of the great delay for this project.  Our project is scheduled to go before the next city council meeting in a promised easy fashion which will then  result in the release of our funds so that the sign project can move forward.   I do have to go back to the sign company and re-negotiate  prices as they are no longer guaranteed due to the length of the delay caused by the city’s internal congestion.   I feel confident that we will have a re-invigorated project in very short order and can look forward to finally realizing the benefits of the work that has taken place over that past several months.

The next steps for the the Beautification Committee will include meeting to  revise our timeline, re-negotiating the timeline and processing through the steps needed to install and celebrate the installation of our signs.

Thanks for your support on this project.
Scott Evans, Sign Committee Chairman

Neighborhood Signs/Matching Grant Committee

Our neighborhood sign committee has worked hard in making our neighborhood signs become a reality.

Update: 9/12/07: This past weekend, we generated the final monies needeed; $1600.00 for our Neighborhood Sign project! We have made our goal and created a buffer for paying for cement and any unforeseen expenditures. Congratulations to all! Thank You to the neighborhood for supporting this project so generously.
Here is the preview of the four signs (design voted on by the membership at the April general meeting) that will be erected at the various corners of the neighborhood.

Sign Design

Please contact Scott Evans at if you would like to help install our signs at

The Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association would like to thank the following “Good Neighbors” for their financial support of the Lake Formosa Neighborhood Sign Project. With the generous support of these businesses, over $5000.00 has been raised towards making our sign project a reality.
“Good Neighbors”
Florida Hospital
Pelloni Development Corporation
Framing of Central Florida
Parisian Cleaners
The Garden Palette
Orlando Utilities Commission