Neighborhood Watch District Meeting May 23rd

Dear District 3 Residents and Business Owners,


As you may have read in my monthly update, I am hosting a district-wide Neighborhood Watch meeting on May 23rd beginning at 6:30 p to discuss ways we can all work together to prevent crime in our community. This meeting is open to everyone who lives or works in District 3, so please feel free to forward this e-mail by clicking the link at the bottom.
While we are always proud of the fact that we have the most Neighborhood Watch block captains in the City, we still need your help!  We can all brainstorm about new ways for our citizens and our Orlando Police Department to come together to keep our neighborhoods and our neighbors safe.
Also, if you know someone in our community who may be interested in learning more about the principles of Neighborhood Watch, we will also be discussing some of the main ideas about this program during the meeting, so please encourage them to attend and get involved.
Please click here to view the flyer containing all of the details about the meeting. Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you on the 23rd.
Robert F. Stuart, Commissioner
City of Orlando, District 3

Graffiti Reporting and Removal

Lately there have been some incidents of graffiti in the neighborhood. Call the Graffiti Reporting and Removal Hotline at 407-254-4723. Managed by Keep Orlando Beautiful, this hotline streamlines the process for graffiti removal. Residents can also report graffiti online at

Major theft in our Neighborhood on South Lake Formosa Drive 5/19/09


Please keep an eye out for your property and your neighbors, and report any suspicious persons or activity IMMEDIATELY to the Orlando Polic Department.

Thanks for your time and cooperation.

–Forwarded Message Attachment–
Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 15:47:39 -0400

Somebody broke into my house (on S. Lake Formosa) yesterday. Sometime between when I left the house (about 8:00 AM) and returned home (about 9:00 PM), somebody forced entry via a window in my courtyard (between my house and my garage), ransacked the house, and made off with a bunch of electronics/electrics – TVs, DVD players, etc. – probably 200 pounds and over $1000 worth of stuff (replacement value, anyway). They went out through the kitchen (the garage door is not big enough for some of the stuff they took) and went between my house and the house next door, pulling my padlocked gate out of its hinges. I think there must have been at least two people, one of whom was very strong, and I think they must have had a truck or at least a mini-van because of the amount of stuff they took and the way they apparently committed the crime. Although I can’t be sure when it happened, most likely it was in broad daylight. I asked the neighbors if they saw anything. They said they did not.

Home Break Ins Thursday 10/2

Here is a report from one of the neighbors:

Yesterday we had two home robberies in the neighborhood. One on Asher at 4:30 in the afternoon. The other on Baltimore (I think) at 11:30 at night. I was told they caught them loading a trailer.

The last I heard was they caught a pair loading a trailer up on N.Y. Ave around 11:30 PM on Wed. night. The homeowner on Asher Ln said he left his back door open for his mother to let his dog out and that’s how they got in. I saw the thieves coming down Asher with a flat screen tv , computer etc. on a trailer Wed. around five on Wed. At the time of course I didn’t know about the break in. We hope it was the same people. I’ll send more news as it comes. It is time to set up a neighborhood watch.

Keep everything locked and watch out for your neighbors as well.