MEETING RE MILLS PARK TRAFFIC ON HAVEN DR: Updated location for General Membership Meeting Tuesday Night

Due to the Mennello not being available, the Neighborhood Meeting will be held at Santiago’s Bodega on Virginia. Thanks to Jason the owner for providing this space.

Please note we will be discussing the issue of Haven access to Mills Park.

Also, due to limited space please rsvp to

802 Virginia Dr  Orlando, FL 32803

(407) 412-6979

Mills Park/Traffic control on Haven Drive

We are concerned about the lack of traffic control coming from the Mills Park development, right on Haven and going through the neighborhood and urge you to consider this.

The final Mills Park PD ordinance is here:MillsParkFINALPD_1210221204-201241

As expected, the left-in/right-out requirement is Condition No. C2.

There is also a condition that Haven not be used for commercial deliveries (C3).

I’m not sure how this has been addressed, but it does not seem to have been addressed on the two signs on Virginia directing traffic to Mills Park.

Here are a few talking points for anyone who wants to write a letter to City Staff or our elected officials.

* Minimizing cut-through traffic along South Lake Formosa Drive and Haven has always been one of the major concerns of the Lake Formosa neighborhood regarding Mills Park. Conditions C2, C3, and C25 were included in the PD only because of the concerns and activism of the Lake Formosa neighborhood residents.

* Condition C2 clearly states that the Nebraska & Haven intersection is to provide for right turns into and left turns out of Mills Park onto Haven. Left turns from Haven into Mills Park are prohibited by the conditions of the PD.

 * Signage on Haven was not specifically included as a condition of the PD because Haven is a City of Orlando Right-of-way and lies outside of the PD boundary.

 * The Mills Park developers have complied with the requirements of C2, but the City has failed to provide the signage along Haven to inform motorist that left turns into Mills Park are prohibited.

 * Without a “No Left Turn” sign on haven at the Nebraska intersection the prohibition of left turns into the development is unenforceable.

 * Condition C25 does not preclude proactive measures to ensure compliance with the no left turn into Mills Park condition of C2, rather it provides a mechanism for any future additional mitigative measures should the provisions of C2 prove ineffective at minimizing cut-through traffic on South Lake Formosa.

 * We are aware of the reasons why City planners prefer not to limit access in the existing street grid, however, the Nebraska/Haven intersection was not part of the existing street grid before construction of Mills Park, but rather was added to the street grid as part of the Mills Park development. As such, it requires special measures (Conditions C2, C3 & C25) to avoid impacting traffic flow in the Lake Formosa neighborhood.

 * Our neighbors have carefully weighed the convenience of direct vehicular access to Mills Park and the potential traffic impacts of unfettered access to Haven from Mills Park, and have decided through the resolutions and actions of our Neighborhood Association that the potential harm of cut-through traffic outweighed any potential benefit from unfettered turns at the Haven/Nebraska intersection.

 * The Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association has not mentioned the specific conditions of the Mills Park PD to City officials or staff since the original Mills Park PD was approved because we have relied on the City’s enforcement of the PD to insure that all parties would abide by the specific conditions of the PD. We have considered it as settled business, but we have not lost interest or forgotten our concerns regarding avoiding cut-through traffic in the neighborhood.

 Please feel free to include these points in any letter to City staff or officials.  I hope that if anyone wants to use these talking points that they will paraphrase them to reflect their own views of this issue.


Gordon S., LFNA Neighborhood Advocate, Acting Vice President

Update on Mills & Nebraska

Here is some correspondence Gordon Spears received from the City. Download and view this pdf that references the changes below: Haven sketch-revised 5-30-13


Hi Gordon,

Just wanted to let you know that the Mills Park developers are working on some revisions to the Haven / Nebraska intersection.  The curb will be extended to clearly prohibit the right turn motion. They are still working with traffic engineering staff to finalize the plan.
Elisabeth Dang, AICP
Chief Planner, Comprehensive Planning Studio

City of Orlando
Economic Development Department, City Planning Division
P.O. Box 4990
400 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, Florida  32802-4990

Phone: 407.246.3408

LYMMO East/West Expansion Project Update‏

Join us anytime between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM on Wednesday, October 24th for an update on the final design and construction of the LYMMO East/West Expansion Project.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Open House)


Orlando Public Library
101 East Central Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32801
Albertson Room, 3rd Floor

International/Florida Coastal Cleanup‏ September 15

Hello Volunteers and Partners,

Hope you all have been enjoying your summer.  We’ve been staying out of the heat, but are ready to get back out there in full force!  See flyer  for the annual International/Florida Coastal Cleanup coming up on Saturday, September 15th.  We have some new sites we have not included before.
National Public Lands Day is also coming up on Saturday, September 29th at Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake.  We are currently gathering all the details and hope to have a flyer soon.  We plan to have a variety of outdoor activities planned, for free!
You can always visit our website at
Thank you,
Jody (Goostree) Buyas
Keep Orlando Beautiful Coordinator
407.246.2752 office
407.254.4723 graffiti hotline

District 3 E-Letter Meeting Reminder – Neighborhood Watch Meeting – 5/23

Dear District 3 Residents and Business Owners,
Just a friendly reminder about tomorrow night’s (May 23rd) District-wide Neighborhood Watch meeting.  If you are a resident or business-owner in the City of Orlando’s District 3, please join us to discuss crime prevention and trends in our community.
The meeting begins at 6:30 p at the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center, 610 N Lake Formosa Drive.
Please click here to view the flyer containing all of the details about the meeting. Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Robert F. Stuart, Commissioner
City of Orlando, District 3

Electronic Waste Recycling Event‏ This Friday 2/17 and Saturday 2/18

Hello Volunteers and Partners,
Keep Orlando Beautiful is partnering with the NBA All Stars to collect and recycle your old electronics,  see attached flyer here: 2012_Recycling_Flyer
Friday 2/17 and Saturday 2/18
Jody (Goostree) Buyas
Keep Orlando Beautiful Coordinator
407.246.2752 office
407.254.4723 graffiti hotline

Volunteers Needed! Lake Formosa Annual Cleanup March 17th

This year, we’ll be doing the cleanup as part of a larger, coordinated city-wide effort with Keep Orlando Beautiful. See pdf here for details, or below. 2012 citybeautifulwaterwaycleanup

Saturday, March 17, 2012
9 – 11 am
Register by Friday, March 9th:
call 407.246.2752 or

General Membership Meeting – LYMMO Meeting 1/26


The community meeting to discuss the Lynx Lymmo project will be held on Thuesday 26 January 2012 (see attached public notice).  The consultants will be presenting their preferred northern alignment at that meeting.  Our neighborhood has been very much engaged in this urban planning effort and we have every reason to anticipate that our concerns and preferences will be reflected in the Consultant’s recommended alignment.  This meeting will be our final chance to influence the future path of this transportation system which could be a huge benefit to our neighborhood.  I hope that each of you will attend and that the Lake Formosa neighborhood will be well represented.

Gordon Spears

Thursday, January 26, 2012
6:00 PM to 6:30 PM (Open House)
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (Presentation and Discussion)
The Mennello Museum of American Art
900 E. Princeton Street, Orlando, FL 32803

Flyer: LYMMO_Public Meeting Flyer_0126

Occupy Orlando Saturday October 13, 8AM


Notification of Peaceful Assembly on October 15‏
FR:  The Downtown Developmen​t Board

Dear Downtown Orlando Residents and Merchants,

A group called Occupy Orlando has announced plans to peacefully assemble on Saturday, October 15th beginning at approximately 8:00 am in front of the Orlando Chamber of Commerce with plans to march through downtown, and ultimately occupy a downtown park or other public space.

The specific route for the march/walk appears at this time to be to the Orlando Chamber of commerce, then proceeding down Orange Avenue to the Bank of America building and finally ending at City Hall Plaza.  Once there it is unknown how long the group intends to stay in the plaza.

While the City of Orlando is not associated with this event in any way, the Orlando Police Department will be present to ensure the safety of all protesters as well as those who live and work in downtown Orlando.  The City of Orlando has communicated with the leaders of this loosely organized group in order to take steps to minimize traffic disruptions related to this event.

The Occupy Wall Street movement started in New York City and “Occupy” events like these have happened in dozens of cities across the country in recent weeks, from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. The vast majority of these events have been conducted peacefully.

We support the right of Orlando’s residents to protest and exercise free speech rights, and encourage all who participate to do so peacefully and with respect to the rights of others.


Buddy Dyer

400 South Orange Avenue

Orlando, FL 32801

Phone: 407.246.2555

Fax: 407.246.3359

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