General Membership Meeting, Tuesday July 28th @7pm – Loch Haven Neighborhood Center

Mark your calendars!

Our next LFNA MEETING is Tuesday July 28th @7pm – Loch Haven Neighborhood Center.

We’ll review the association bylaws, bring everyone up to date on proposed traffic calming on Philadelphia, and get the latest from The Yard developer Chance Gordy. We’ll set some new goals, revisit some old ones, and start creating a focused vision for the neighborhood. Then we’ll begin to discuss strategies for working with the city to achieve them.

If you have other ideas or suggestions, you’re welcome to message me. Please plan on attending, bring your ideas AND bring your neighbors. – It’s a lot to cover and we can’t do it without you!

IVANHOE PLACE/THE YARD: Municipal Planning Board Agenda for Tuesday’s Meeting & Staff Report

AGENDA for Tuesday’s MPB (Municipal Planning Board) meeting.

Of concern is item 6 on the last page regarding the abandonment of Alden and more for Ivanhoe Place/The Yard development on Philadelphia.

The staff report is linked from there to where it’s hosted on the City’s site.

You can also get the Staff Report here.

We hope to see as many neighbors as possible at City Council Chambers at 8:30a Tuesday, February 17th.

Lake Formosa Announcments – Important Meetings Coming up!

Neighborhood Meeting – Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

At the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center, 610 N. Lake Formosa Drive. Agenda includes: 1) City of Orlando District 3 report by Commissioner Robert Stuart, and 2) Chance Gordy and Inverlad Development team presentation on proposed Alden Road and Philadelphia Avenue development aka Ivanhoe Place.


Neighborhood Planning Meetings – Saturday, January 24 and Sunday January 25, 2015, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. At the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center, 610 N. Lake Formosa Drive. We need your support to prepare neighborhood feedback on the proposed Alden Road and Philadelphia Avenue development at the upcoming City of Orlando Metropolitan Planning Board (MPB) meeting. The Loch Haven Neighborhood Center venue will be open for Lake Formosa and other area residents to discuss and develop talking points to address our concerns with the City of Orlando. Please join us! Additional meeting dates will be set up as needed to prepare for the public hearing on the development.

General Membership Meeting – Monday, February 9, 2015, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. At the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center, 610 N. Lake Formosa Drive. (See Page 2 here). Moving our general meeting (previously scheduled for January 20) to this date allows residents to focus on the impending development at the January 20, 2015 meeting.

City of Orlando Metropolitan Planning Board Meeting Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Important Message to all Lake Formosa Neighborhood Residents…

Inverlad submitted an official application for the Ivanhoe Place development to the City of Orlando on December 22, 2014. This project will be reviewed at the February 17, 2015, City of Orlando MPB meeting.  The plans have been considered sufficiently complete for review and the project was placed on the agenda for the February meeting.  Because Inverlad is proposing an abandonment of a road (specifically Alden Road), there are two items for the MPB to consider: 1) the proposed road abandonment and 2) the proposed mixed-use development.


For further information:


  • MPB Agenda items with regard to this development proposal:

Click to access MPBSchedule2015rv2.pdf


General Membership Meeting Tues. Oct 21 7p @ Loch Haven Neighborhood Center

Note our NEW LOCATION at the Loch Haven Neighborhood Center.

Topics for discussion/updates include the Alden Rd. Development, Ivanhoe Village Mainstreet, January elections, the Coyote invasion, Sellers Auto/Artist Studio petroleum cleanup site on Philedelphia Ave. AND MORE!

Tues. Oct 21 7p @ Loch Haven Neighborhood Center, 610 N. Lake Formosa 32803.

Please send your comments to FDOT regarding their Orange Avenue plans


Thanks to all of you who have sent e-mails to FDOT and our elected representatives regarding FDOT’s plans for Orange Avenue. FDOT and our elected representatives have started to take notice.

Our City Commissioner, Robert Stuart, recently sent a letter to the FDOT District 5 Secretary urging FDOT to find a way to avoid the negetive impacts that the project as planned would cause. In his letter, Commissioner Stuart asked FDOT to consider many of the same design modifications tha we have been asking them for.

On Monday, I and several of the merchants along Orange Avenue met with our state Representative, Scott Randolph, and our State Senator, Lee Constantine to update them on the project. Both our Senator and our Representative have contacted the FDOT District 5 Secretary, and Monday afternoon, she called me to tell me that FDOT will take another look at the project to try to avoid the negative consequences of the project. While the Secretary did not commit to any specific design changes, she did say that she thought there were other design alternates that could be used to avoid impacting our neighborhood businesses.

Our strategy of pressuring FDOT from both the top and the bottom seems to be working, but we still havent seen any changes to their design that will preserve the viability of our neighborhood commercial district or improve the safety of the cyclist and pedestrians who also use Orange Avenue. We cannot let up in our efforts now.

If you havent yet sent a letter or e-mail to FDOT suggesting modifications to their design, please do so, and copy our elected officials as well. FDOT has pushed their public meeting back from mid October until November. I will keep you posted on this, and I hope that as many of our neighbors as possible will attend this important meeting.

Thank you!

Gordon Spears

Alden Road Realignment / Traffic Infrastructure / Development

•    Gordon Spears, Michael Jungen, and Louise Mills met with City of Orlando on March 24, 2008 to continue discussion on LFNA’s vision that incorporates the best aspects of the Neighborhood Horizons project while considering the impact of roadway realignment.
•    Dean Grandin, Division Manager of the City Planning Division, has indicated that previous plans are ‘obsolete and that we need to formulate news ones.
•    Gordon Spears, Michael Jungen, Louise Mills, and others from the LFNA Board will continue discussions with City of Orlando on this topic in the near future to develop a better understanding of City provisions, policies, regulations, rules, etc.
•    A community meeting to develop LFNA neighborhood consensus will then be held in the future.

Possible Alden Realignment

Please note the pdf document with possible Alden realignment options we discussed in our October meeting is posted here.

If Alden is realigned properly, it could help create a good streetscape and buffer from Orange and public transportion such as Lynx and commuter rail. We will be discussing this further in upcoming meetings.

Florida Hospital Expansion

Update from Gordon Spears, 10/2/07:
I think that the main points that I want to bring up with the FH planners are:
1) The neighborhood’s preference for mixed use along the alden corridor (rather than Commercial as FH has proposed) in keeping with the city’s comp plan vision for the rest of the Alden corridor.
2) Ways that FH can partner with the City in developing adjacent parks such as the USDA site and improvements to Loch Haven Park and the Lake Formosa loop trail.
3) Ways that FH can partner with the City in facilitating transportation improvements such as expanded LYMMO service to Florida Hospital/Loch Haven Park, and optimal pedestrian/bicycle access to the proposed Commuter Rail station.
The DRI modification application document is available on line at the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council’s web site:

Once you are there, navigate to “Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs)” Then to the “DRI Tool”
Search by “DRI Name”, and enter “Orange” in the county pull down menu, and “Florida Hospital Orlando Health Village” in the DRI Name pulldown menu, and press the “Submit” button.
There is no way to link directly to the main page for this application, but it contains links to the various sub-sections. They are as follows: Maps.pdf Methodology Appendix A.pdf Transportation Methodology Appendix B.pdf Transportation Methodology Appendix C thru G.pdf Transportation Methodology Appendix H thru M.pdf Exhibit 1_1.pdf Exhibit 1_ 2.pdf Exhibit%2019%20thru%2024.pdf Letters.pdf

Thanks to everyone for their time and attention to this important aspect of our community’s future.
Gordon Spears