About Us

The Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association was formed in 2000
to promote the preservation and quality of life in our neighborhood,
and foster a close-knit community. Click here to view a copy of our By-Laws. Below is a map of our
neighborhood, as well as the early history of our neighborhood.

Here are the current board of directors:

Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association Board of Directors

President – Michael Rizzo

Gordon Spears, Vice President
(407) 758-8478 , J.Gordon.Spears@gmail.com

Julio Lopez – Secretary

Yvonne van Bochoven, Treasurer
407-228-1717, yvanbochoven@gmail.com

Neighborhood MapEarly History of Lake Formosa

Soon after the South Florida Railroad came to Orlando in 1881,
a stop called Wilcox was added on the west side of the tracks
near present day Princeton St. In 1887, Wilcox was renamed Formosa
when Frank E. Bosse opened a store, which also held the Formosa
Post Office, at the corner of Orange and Princeton. (The post
office closed when rural free mail delivery began in the area
in 1908.)

In 1887, Formosa had a population of 125. This suburb of Orlando
was located 2 miles north of Orlando and 2 miles south of Winter
Park on Howell’s Creek and the South Florida Railroad line. “A
number of Orlando’s prominent business men reside here.”

The first subdivision in the neighborhood was Idlewild Park in
1911. This was north of Virginia Drive and included Chicago Ave.
(now Alden Road), Orlando Ave. (now Philadelphia), New York Ave.,
and Pennsylvania Ave. (now Baltimore Ave.). Idlewild Park was
replatted in 1917 and again in 1923. The original plat in 1911
showed a proposed trolley line on Chicago Ave. and Virginia Dr.

During the Florida Boom of the 1920’s, other subdivisions were
platted. Brookhaven on Haven Drive and the east part of Brookhaven
in 1922. In 1923, First Addition to Lake Highland Park between
Baltimore and Asher, and Wissahickon on Dauphin, Wissahickon (now
Ferris) and Asher were subdivided.

In 1924 there were two grocery stores on Virginia Drive: Barfield’s
(owned by W.A. and his wife Clyde, who lived on Dauphin) was near
Lake Ivanhoe, and Cottage Grocery was near Mills. Also in 1924,
there were 5 residences in addition to a building supply company
on Chicago Ave. (Alden Rd.) The Kissam Newell Supply Company office
and yard were located between Alden and Philadelphia, north of
Midway and sold building materials, concrete block and paints
through the 1950’s.

Virginia Drive was paved and got streetlights in 1926.

By 1928 the Orlando Directory lists 18 residences on Ferris,
11 on Dauphin, 9 on Asher, 11 on Philadelphia, 6 on Alden, 1 on
Baltimore, 6 on New York.

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