IVANHOE PLACE/THE YARD: Municipal Planning Board Agenda for Tuesday’s Meeting & Staff Report

AGENDA for Tuesday’s MPB (Municipal Planning Board) meeting.

Of concern is item 6 on the last page regarding the abandonment of Alden and more for Ivanhoe Place/The Yard development on Philadelphia.

The staff report is linked from there to where it’s hosted on the City’s site.

You can also get the Staff Report here.

We hope to see as many neighbors as possible at City Council Chambers at 8:30a Tuesday, February 17th.

One thought on “IVANHOE PLACE/THE YARD: Municipal Planning Board Agenda for Tuesday’s Meeting & Staff Report

  1. Good afternoon,

    You all may have already seen a copy, but wanted to make sure you knew that the staff reports for the Municipal Planning Board (MPB) went live on the City’s website yesterday. Please note that there may be an amendment to the transportation-related conditions. If so, I will make sure you all also receive a copy of that information.

    As a reminder, the MPB meeting is taking place on Tuesday, February 17th. The meeting begins at 8:30 a in the City Council Chambers located on the 2nd Floor of City Hall. In order to speak, just fill out an appearance form and give it to the MPB Secretary. By state statute, the public may comment on any item on the MPB agenda, even if it is listed on the consent agenda. Anyone may ask for an item to be moved from the consent agenda to the regular agenda so that public comment can be heard.

    Click to access MPBAgenda2015-02rv.pdf



    Robert F. Stuart, Commissioner, District 3
    City of Orlando
    400 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801

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