Quarterly update for Sellers Auto / Artist Studio petroleum cleanup site 489201547 / 489201548 update #61)‏

February 1, 2012

Ms. Mills,

I would like to take this opportunity to give you our sixty first update on the project.   

Since the last update on November 1st, we secured funding for the first two quarters of Post Active Remediation Monitoring (PARM).  The first sampling event has not occurred yet, but I expect to get a field notification from Argus of it taking place soon.   The data from the first sampling event will certainly be available by the next update on May 1st.  

Argus is at the site this week doing the long term storage preparation for the equipment.   However, the equipment will not be started back up except for just for a few minutes per month (daytime) to rotate the motors.

 As always, please feel free to call me anytime if you need additional information or have any questions.

Damon Taylor

Environmental Case Manager

Environmental Protection Division

Petroleum Cleanup

800 Mercy Drive, Suite 4

Orlando, FL 32808

office:   407-836-1480

fax:  407-836-1417

email:  damon.taylor@ocfl.net

web:  www.ocepd.org

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