Eco-Action Canoe Lake Cleanups

Dear ECO-Canoeists,
We've just had our first Canoe Clean-up with our new van!!  It took us and the trailer to Lake Mills and back again!!  See our transportation: And, we can store all our gear in it!	
SO,Friends, we are back to weekly Sunday afternoon Clean-Ups as we have done over 600 times in the last 12 years.
July 10 we will be going to South Lake Triplet in Casselberry.	Sign up now so all the canoes aren't spoken for when you call - we only have a few left.  The following Sunday we will return to Bridgeout, which has recently flooded its banks!
It's wonderful not to have to bug our friends who have managed to get us out
there almost every week anyway!  Thanks to all for putting up with this nuisance.
WE ARE BACK 100%!!
For the critters,

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