Lost Cat Neighborhood alert

The Menello Museum contacted us and wanted everyone to know about this cat, in case she is yours. (If unclaimed, she will be adopted by someone if possible).

—–Original Message—–
From: Kim.Robinson@ci.orlando.fl.us
Sent: Jul 7, 2009 9:33 AM
To: j-g-spears@earthlink.net
Subject: Neighborhood Cat?

I am not sure if you have the capability of emailing your neighbors, but I thought I would ask.
Two or three weeks ago we somehow ended up with another cat. She looks pregnant although we are not positive. We waited a week or so to see if she would go home and she cried to come in the building and loves people, so we know she is not wild. Anyway we have her in a safe foster home pending arrival of kittens. I wonder if she is a lost pet that someone may be looking for. Here is her photo. If no one claims her she will be spayed and adopted out and we will find homes for her kittens (if they exist).

Kim Robinson
The Mennello Museum of American Art
900 E. Princeton Street
Orlando Florida 32803
Phone 407/246-4278 Ext 102
Fax 407/246-4329
email kim.robinson@cityoforlando.net


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