Important Meeting Tuesday 6/30 re: Lake Highland/Spellman Property


See the meeting info here: Tues_June30th_Meeting

The public meeting to discuss the upcoming Lake Highland Prep sports complex PD will be June 30 at 7pm in the Performing Arts Center on the Lake Highland school campus. The gate near the swimming pool will be open. As you may know, our Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association had a hand in crafting the previous PD for the site. The new PD is a substantial change from the original. This is also the site of the Spelman Engineering contamination site which our Association has been tirelessly lobbying the City to clean up, which the City has recently allocated funding to do. As a part of the funding for the cleanup, the City has sold much of the property to Lake Highland Prep School to develop as a sports complex.

Many of our commercial neighbors of Ivanhoe Village along South Orange Avenue, however, are gravely concerned because the City has sold the 2.5 acre existing public parking lot on Alden to the School who is closing the lot in August. Without this public parking, the businesses along South Orange Avenue will have insufficient parking available for their employees and customers, and many will likely abandon the Ivanhoe Village district.

I’m sure that, like me, you would like to see our neighborhood commercial district thrive and prosper, but without adequate parking, it will more likely wither and be converted into offices. The public meeting next Tuesday is the best chance for us to convince the City to continue to provide adequate parking for our neighborhood commercial district. I hope that you will attend this important public meeting.

Thank you.

Gordon Spears
(407) 758-8478

3 thoughts on “Important Meeting Tuesday 6/30 re: Lake Highland/Spellman Property

  1. —–Original Message—–
    From: Warren Hudson
    Sent: Jun 26, 2009 7:33 AM
    Subject: Inaccurate information

    Gordon — I believe the characterization in your web posting of Lake Highland Preparatory School as “…closing the lot in August” is both inaccurate and inflammatory. I’m deeply disappointed that you would misrepresent us. Would you please correct your posting to accurately reflect the school’s position? warren

    Warren Hudson
    President, LHPS

  2. From: J G. Spears []
    Sent: Fri 26-Jun-09 2:24 PM
    To: Warren Hudson
    Subject: Alden Parking Lot


    I regret that you have taken umbrage at the post on our Lake Formosa Neighborhood website. I can assure you that my comments were not intended to inflame opinion against Lake Highland Preparatory School. As I stated to your CFO Jim Bartlet at our meeting yesterday, I do not fault Lake Highland Preparatory School in its pursuit of the parking area or any of the properties that will make up the sports complex. In fact, I have always considered Lake Highland Preparatory School one of our neighborhood’s most stalwart and effective allies in persuading the City to commit to cleaning up the Spelman Engineering contamination site.

    My posting did not indeed cover all aspects of the parking situation. I understand that as a private business, Lake Highland Preparatory School cannot provide parking to the public without being compensated for the expenses associated with maintenance,security, and liability, and I applaud Lake Highland Preparatory School’s willingness to continue to lease parking spaces in it’s Alden lot to the businesses who currently use the lot. But, I do believe that it is accurate to say that the lot will be closed as free public parking starting in August.

    I believe there is little to be gained by placing blame for the closing of the free public parking lot on Alden, but even if there were, Lake Highland Preparatory School would bear none of the blame.

    Gordon Spears

  3. RE: Alden Parking Lot‏
    From: Warren Hudson (
    Sent: Fri 6/26/09 2:34 PM
    To: J G. Spears (
    Cc:; Jim Bartlett (

    Gordon — Thank you for such a nice email back. I guess it’s all in the way you read the posting. The way I read that the school was closing the parking lot was that we were excluding businesses from parking in the Alden lot. It would be more accurate to have posted that the public parking provided by the City was being closed or discontinued with the sale of the property. The school is still willing to work with you and other business neighbors to lease spaces in the Alden lot or to help facilitate our joint use of the grass lot we lease from OUC. One way or the other, there should be a way to solve the parking challenges for all. See you Tuesday night.


    Warren Hudson
    President, LHPS

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