Monthly update for Sellers Auto / Artist Studio petroleum cleanup site 489201547 / 489201548 (twenty-eighth update- March 3, 2009)‏

Monthly update for Sellers Auto / Artist Studio petroleum cleanup site 489201547 / 489201548 (twenty-eighth update- March 3, 2009)‏

From: Mills, Louise (E S SF RNA FS 181) (
Sent: Tue 3/03/09 9:42 AM


Thank you for this most recent update for the Lake Formosa Neighborhood, but especially on behalf of the residents in our neighborhood living just across the street from the cleanup site.

Wow, that is a lot of contaminated material that has been removed and a lot of groundwater cleaned…Thanks for those statistics! We hope the second-half of the remediation schedule goes as planned.

The barriers and tank have been removed and things look back to normal on that corner of S. Lake Formosa Drive and Philadelphia Street.

We appreciate your continued status on the property cleanup.

Best regards,

Louise Mills,
Secretary, Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association

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Subject: Monthly update for Sellers Auto / Artist Studio petroleum cleanup site 489201547 / 489201548 (twenty-eighth update- March 3, 2009)
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 09:24:16 -0500

March 3, 2009

Ms. Mills,

I would like to take this opportunity to give you our twenty-eighth monthly update on the project. This update marks approximately two years since the system was started up (startup was 2/23/07). The system is still running and the four year cleanup goal is still on track.

Report Status / General Status:

We just approved the January 2, 2009 report and in our review letter we mentioned that the cumulative run time is below the standard of the 80% FDEP’s Remedial Action Initiative. While some of the down time is well accounted for with the issues brought up in past updates (i.e. obtain & install oxidizer unit, use of chemical sequesterant to prevent fouling of the system, noise issues, etc), not all of it is accounted for. With half of our active remediation time behind us now, the second half will need to be very aggressive to complete the cleanup. Without any unreasonable down time, this shouldn’t be a problem though.

The new work order mentioned in the last update was approved by FDEP last week (mailed to Argus for final signature on 2/20/09). This will allow Argus to perform the assessment so another RAPM may be done to hone in on the contamination seen at MW-5 and AW-10. This will be pilot tested using an air sparging pilot test well near MW-5 to be installed under new work order (work order #2009-48-W84881). Although some limited construction is necessary to augment this area of the treatment with air sparging, focused treatment of the existing system is already going on. This is through turning off of other treatment points and increasing groundwater / vapor recovery form this area.

The total hydrocarbon mass recovered to date (January 2009 report) is almost 39,000 lbs, most of which was recovered early in the operating period. The mass recovered during the last reporting period was approximately 186 lbs. The groundwater recovered and treated to date is approaching 18 million gallons.

Argus informed me that the concrete barriers were removed and I learned that the RP wishes the unused empty carbon vessels to be moved away from the cell tower on Alden Avenue. Argus and Orange County are now working on that. We may need carbon vessels again when the area of MW-5 and AW-10 are focused on with the addition of an air sparge well though. However, these are usually readily available from other sites or the FDEP warehouse.

The oxidizer is on the site but off while the rest of the system runs. I called the consultant who wishes to use it on a site in Brevard County and got updated this morning about his site. It is still the plan to move the oxidizer to that site.

The next report is due from Argus on April 29, 2009 but we expect to receive it sooner because the operation and maintenance period is ending very soon or has already ended.

Milestone Update:

The update before last one contained new milestone data and I think the April 2009 update may contain updated data. I’m sorry I was a day tardy with this update. I will send the next update on April 1, 2009. Please feel free to call me anytime if you need additional information or have any questions.

Thank you,

Damon Taylor, CFEA, LEP
Orange County Environmental Protection Division
Petroleum Cleanup Team
800 N. Mercy Drive, Suite 4, Orlando, FL 32808
Voice (407) 836-1480, Fax (407) 836-1417

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