League of Women Voters on the U.S. Congress Candidate’s Forum Aug. 5

Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 15:09:05 -0400
From: j-g-spears@earthlink.net

Subject: Fw: LWV/LFNA…Dist 8 Debate: next pre-event planning meeting

LFNA Members:
I wanted to forward the e-mail below from one of our partners from the League of Women Voters on the U.S. Congress Candidate’s Forum.  As you can see, there are many opportunities for volunteers at the 5 August event.  All of the preliminary arrangements are done.  We just need volunteer workers for the event.  Given that we are co-sponsors with equal billing with the LWV, it would be nice if we could cover a significant portion of this volunteer need.  Our neighborhood will be gaining an enhanced profile with this televised event, so lets step up to the plate and help make it a success.

Gordon Spears
Vice President, LFNA

—–Forwarded Message—–
From: Charley Williams
Sent: Jul 3, 2008 11:33 AM
To: uscongressdist8forum@earthlink.net, turnerlk1@aol.com, Deirdre Macnab
Subject: LWV/LFNA…Dist 8 Debate: next pre-event planning meeting


Wanted to run this date by you to see we can get together to work on logistics for Aug 5th

(Laura T. is out most of next week) so how about Wed, July 16th, at 8:00 at Lake Eola Paneras

(or WP Paneras, whichever works best).

We can begin to build our “swat team” of volunteers for day-of-event (both Laura and DD will be

Out of pocket!)

Here’s a start: need to start filling these slots before we meet on the 16th if we can.

Greeters/Front of House/signage                         3-4 folks

LWV/Candidate Tables                                       1 person

Stage: working with Moderator/Scott Harris          1 person

Stage: working with candidates and entourage      1-2 people

Filtering Questions from audience/index cards/review: 2 people

Security: suggest we ask Howard Middle who on Orlando Police or OCPS security we can use/pay:

A/V and A/C: working with HMS technician          1 person

Media: on tech needs for hook up/etc                  1 person

Charley Williams

Manager, Business Development

Geotechnical and Environmental Consultants, Inc.

1230 East Hillcrest Street

Orlando, Florida  32803

(407) 898-1818 x111

(407) 898-1837(FAX)


Celebrating 17 years “at the very foundation of our community”, GEC provides geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, construction materials testing and ground penetrating radar (GPR) throughout Florida. GEC project experience includes the Burnham Institute at Lake Nona, Central Florida Commuter Rail and the new OUC Headquarters Administration Building (LEED certified GOLD), the “greenest” building in downtown Orlando.

One thought on “League of Women Voters on the U.S. Congress Candidate’s Forum Aug. 5

  1. As per our association meeting last night, we need 5 LFNA volunteers!! Please help out if at all possible. 😉

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