Things happening at the Mennello


I got this e-mail from Kim Robinson at the Mennello.

Considering what a great neighbor the Mennello has been to our Association, I hope that we will provide many volunteers for these very worthy (and fun) activities.

I plan on helping out with the tree cleanup on the 18th, but it seems that there may be enough volunteers that we could organize a lake cleanup effort, perhaps centered on that corner of our lake.


Gordon Spears
LFNA Board Member

On Tue, 5/20/08, <> wrote:

Hey Gordon,

I wanted to let you know a couple of things.

1-I have a group of young adults volunteering on Wednesday July 18 in the morning. So far we are going to get the area under the big oak tree 
cleaned, and I have been told that we may have as many as 30 volunteers 
for a two hour period. So, is the neighborhood association interested in 
having them do some lake clean up while they are here and how do you go 
about doing that? Let me know if you are interested.

2-We have spoken a couple times about letterboxing and I wanted to let you know there are three letterboxes on the property and there will be an additional 4 or 5 in the near future. This is my reaction to high gas 
prices, we all want to get outdoors in the summer and enjoy the warm 
weather and the park is an ideal spot to watch nature. If I can get some 
time I hope to place 10 boxes in Loch Haven Park area this summer, 

3- I know I said a couple, but you’ll like this. We are definitely 
resurrecting the Orlando Folk Festival, the City board is taking on the 
project and it will be up and running in the early spring. I can let you 
know when meetings are if you would like to contribute some time with us.

Take care and see you soon.

Kim Robinson
The Mennello Museum of American Art
900 E. Princeton Street
Orlando Florida 32803
Phone 407/246-4278 Ext 102
Fax 407/246-4329

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