COMMA Gallery • 2nd Tuesday May 13th • Stephen Bach: Atmospheric Landscapes

813 Virginia Drive, Orlando, Fl 32803 •
Between Orange and Mills, parking off Dauphin Lane behind building

Admission is Free, no age restrictions
407 376-1400
Atmospheric Landscapes: Stephen Bach Paintings
MAY 13th-June 30, 2008

2nd TUESDAY May 13th Reception 6:30-9pm

Kim Sumner, Curator at COMMA Gallery and collector of Bach kept having friends try to buy his art off the walls of her home. She convinced Bach to create a special collection for this show when she discovered his paintings were regularly sent to galleries in Knoxville, Boston, and Atlanta. Sumner explains Bach has a gift to create a special emotional connection with the landscapes he paints and there is an immediate chemistry created with the viewer who is transported into the scene. His ability to create an atmospheric effect with the light at various times of day is magical.
Bach explains One of the first lessons of freshman color theory is paint does not radiate light, it absorbs it. Still, I keep trying to disprove that truth when I pick up a brush. Ill probably never violate that law of physics but through my landscape paintings I seem to get just close enough to be lured back for another try.
Bach has a definite way of describing art. Most people can be taught to paint reasonably well. Some learn better than others, but deciding what we want to express with the brush is the hardest lesson. As with writing, you have to have something to say. Though I have spent most of my life in cities, the beauty of rural places continues to captivate me. I am drawn to the tranquility of a farm field or stand of trees. My quest is to convey that beauty in color and light through paint. There is a spiritual component to it. Painting becomes a form of reverence- another way of reminding us what we have. It tells us to take a moment to notice and be grateful. For me there is always another one of those places to be painted. That is why I keep trying to make the paint radiate light.
Bach has a special gift that is available to experience at COMMA Gallery.
Stephen Bach lives in Orlando, FL. His studio is in Winter Park. His work appears in numerous galleries and can be seen at selected art fairs throughout the US.
Stephen’s email is
His website is

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