Monthly update for Sellers Auto / Artist Studio petroleum cleanup site 489201547 / 489201548 (Eighteenth update- May 1, 2008)

Mr. Taylor:
Thank you for this most recent update and for meeting with Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association last month to give an overview presentation of the latest project status.
Your consistent support at OCEPD exemplifies the very best ways in which a public agency can help a neighborhood stay informed on a project affecting their local community.
We appreciate all you continue to do to keep us well-informed on this petroleum cleanup project and your consistent offer to assist us with further information should we ever need further clarification.
Best regards,
Louise Mills,
Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association

–Forwarded Message Attachment–
Subject: Monthly update for Sellers Auto / Artist Studio petroleum cleanup site 489201547 / 489201548 (Eighteenth update- May 1, 2008)
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 16:53:05 -0400

Monthly update for Sellers Auto / Artist Studio petroleum cleanup site 489201547 / 489201548 (Eighteenth update- May 1, 2008)Ms. Mills,

I would like to take this opportunity to give you our Eighteenth monthly update on the project.

The previous update was sent via email on March 3, 2008 (no E-Mail update was sent in April 2008).  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet with the LFNA at the Menello Museum on April 15, 2008 to answer questions.  If you would like a copy of the slides, please let me know and I will mail or deliver you a CD. 

Report Status:

There are no new reports from the consultant.  While the next one isn’t officially due until July 1st, I am expecting it will be ready in early June.  This will be the first report from Argus and it will contain the backup and recommendations based on the April 10, 2008 groundwater sampling event.

General System Status:

There was a system problem on Tuesday April 22nd.  This was a leaky pipe between the treated groundwater and the liquid carbon (polishing).  The was restarted either the same day or the next day.  I haven’t received any notices of any problems with the system since then, so I believe we have had pretty good run time since the system was started back up with the oxidizer and noise abatement panels a few months ago.

Milestone Update:

I think the next milestone data will be available in August 2008.  In the meantime, we will review the recommendations in Argus’ reports for system enhancements that may hasten the cleanup of MW-5, the most contaminated monitoring well left.

I look forward to giving you the next update June 2, 2008.  Please feel free to call me anytime if you need additional information or if you would like me to find something in our files.

Thank you,
Damon Taylor, CFEA, LEP
Orange County Environmental Protection Division
Petroleum Cleanup Team
800 N. Mercy Drive, Suite 4, Orlando, FL 32808
Voice (407) 836-1480, Suncom 356-1480, Fax (407) 836-1417

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