Sign Committee Update

Subject: Re: LFNA Sign Committee – Draft Letter to Acknowledge Donated Architectural Design and Permitting Services
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 07:30:42 -0400

Hello all,
As you may have heard, we have finally received the necessary right-of-way encroachment signatures from city officials that were the cause of the great delay for this project.  Our project is scheduled to go before the next city council meeting in a promised easy fashion which will then  result in the release of our funds so that the sign project can move forward.   I do have to go back to the sign company and re-negotiate  prices as they are no longer guaranteed due to the length of the delay caused by the city’s internal congestion.   I feel confident that we will have a re-invigorated project in very short order and can look forward to finally realizing the benefits of the work that has taken place over that past several months.

The next steps for the the Beautification Committee will include meeting to  revise our timeline, re-negotiating the timeline and processing through the steps needed to install and celebrate the installation of our signs.

Thanks for your support on this project.
Scott Evans, Sign Committee Chairman

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