3 thoughts on “Mills Park development is still on track, Orlando city commissioner says

  1. I feel compelled to comment about this.

    Why couldn’t Justin Pelloni’s office be reached, especially when he has been supportive of our neighborhood before? What is the whole story on that?

    Why wasn’t Commissioner Stuart contacted? and why was Commissioner Sheehan seemingly speaking on the behalf of our neighborhood when she dosen’t represent it.

    Is the widening of Virginia just the turn lane, as it’s supposed to be, or is there more going on here?

    There are a whole slew of questions that need to be answered here.

    I don’t feel the reporter did as much research as was necessary either.

    -Emily Lapham

  2. UPDATE:

    I spoke with Commissioner Stuart this morning, who assured me everything is still in place.

    He said nothing has changed, virginia is still having that extra turn lane up to the train tracks and that the thing mentioned with florida DOT was the mills plan that wasn’t approved awhile back.

    He said he was dissapointed Commission Sheehan didn’t urge the reporter to call him and that there is some colonial town blog on the sentinel that started the whole article:

    -Emily Lapham

  3. Feedback from the Sentinel Reporter:

    RE: Article on Mills Park‏
    From: Show, Christine (CShow@orlandosentinel.com)
    Sent: Fri 2/01/08 2:29 PM
    To: E Lapham (e_eade@hotmail.com)
    Thank you for your response, Emily. I appreciate your feedback. Yes, I
    did try to reach you, although the phone did not let me leave a message.

    Since the article came out, I did hear from many residents from Lake
    Formosa and I told each of them that I appreciate being reached out so I
    can include other voices in any future work I do. I’m sorry that you
    feel as though your voices weren’t heard in the article, but if I do
    future stories on this issue, I am now aware of those of you
    specifically in Lake Formosa, and I hope I can reach out to you all for

    I did attempt to reach Justin Pelloni countless times a day for several
    days until I needed to submit the story for my deadline. I did not hear
    back from him until after the story was printed. It would have made my
    story much stronger if I could have included Mr. Pelloni’s voice, but
    unfortunately he did not contact me back. (This is mentioned in the

    Again, thank you for your thoughts,
    Christine Show
    Orlando Sentinel

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