Monthly update for Sellers Auto / Artist Studio petroleum cleanup site 489201547 / 489201548 (Thirteenth update- November 1, 2007)

From: Mills, Louise
Sent:Thu 11/01/07 10:45 AM
Cc:;;; Michael G. Jungen (; Jack Spears (; E Lapham (

Thank you once again for a very thorough report.

I presented a consolidated, brief status of the project at our last neighborhood association meeting.The consensus is you all are doing a fine job and the neighbors are encouraged about the progress being made despite the stops and starts on this very complex system.

We appreciate being kept informed about the project along the way with your monthly reports.

Best regards,

Louise Mills
Secretary, Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association

From: []
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2007 10:36 AM
To: Mills, Louise OA1J1
Subject: Monthly update for Sellers Auto / Artist Studio petroleum cleanup site 489201547 / 489201548 (Thirteenth update- November 1, 2007)

Ms. Mills,

I would like to take this opportunity to give you our Thirteenth monthly update on the project. The startup occurred in late February 2007, so we have operated the system for about eight months towards our schedule of a 4-year cleanup schedule.

The Vapor Extraction System:
Progress since my last update includes the acquisition of a catalytic oxidizer, which was just installed last week. This will allow the vapor recovery system to run more aggressively since the carbon proved to be an inefficient way to scrub the vapors. Today, Terramax will be plumbing the air stripper (inside the building) though this newly installed oxidizer as the site tenant has complained of odors coming from it. Terramax believes that will be done today. There are two problems with this newly installed oxidizer that must be addressed before we can run the SVE portion of the system 24/7. Terramax believes both of these items can and will be addressed before the end of November.

a) the bearings on the motor for the oxidizer are in bad shape and either will have to be repacked, or possibly the whole motor will have to be replaced. This should be able to be done quickly though. Also, Terramax believes they can run the system for a couple of hours, which would be long enough to get updated air data so they will know the hydrocarbon loading rate for the oxidizer.

b) the noise from the oxidizer is a problem and will have to be attenuated somehow. I am asking that Terramax address this right away so we can run the system 24 hours per day. While the noise is being addressed, we will run the system during daytime hours only.

The Groundwater Recovery System:
Terramax was performing maintenance on it on Tuesday (10/30/07) when I last visited the site. There are no outstanding problems now that I know of that would keep us from running this portion of the system around the clock. In the past, there was high pitch whining sounds caused by low water volumes coming through the system. I believe that can be (and was) addressed by setting the failsafes to have it shut off during times when low to no water volume is entering the stripper.

As stated in the update before last, I have been concerned that we weren’t able to accurately evaluate the recovery rate from each well and were only getting the total flows. The FDEP has funded from Terramax and the manufacturer with cost to put on individual flow meters on the wells in place of the existing air flow pulse measurement devices. As these were just recently funded, as of this update, they haven’t yet been installed. I ask Terramax to install this with their next operation and maintenance visit.

The Biosparge System:
I believe this is able to operate 24/7 as well. In the current report, Terramax recommends discontinuing the operation of this part of the system.

Report Status:

I am currently reviewing the Third Quarterly Operation and Maintenance Report, (dated 10/10/07), and a First Quarter Response to Comments (dated 10/02/07). I see that we had low run time in the Third Quarter. Some of the recommendations in the report to increase run time and efficiency either have been or are currently being implemented.

Milestone Update:
This section of the monthly update will be the most useful to show the reduction in contaminants. I provided updated data from the August 2007 groundwater sampling event in the last update and stated we wouldn’t have updated groundwater data for a few months. So, no new data exists, but it will be available in the January 1st 2008 update.

Please feel free to call me anytime if you need additional information or if you would like me to find something in our files. Also. I am always available to meet you onsite if you want to discuss the site in detail.

Damon Taylor, CFEA, LEP
Orange County Environmental Protection Division
800 N. Mercy Drive, Suite 4, Orlando, FL 32808
Main (407) 836-1400
Direct (407) 836-1480
Fax (407) 836-1417

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