Neighborhood Signs/Matching Grant Committee

Our neighborhood sign committee has worked hard in making our neighborhood signs become a reality.

Update: 9/12/07: This past weekend, we generated the final monies needeed; $1600.00 for our Neighborhood Sign project! We have made our goal and created a buffer for paying for cement and any unforeseen expenditures. Congratulations to all! Thank You to the neighborhood for supporting this project so generously.
Here is the preview of the four signs (design voted on by the membership at the April general meeting) that will be erected at the various corners of the neighborhood.

Sign Design

Please contact Scott Evans at if you would like to help install our signs at

The Lake Formosa Neighborhood Association would like to thank the following “Good Neighbors” for their financial support of the Lake Formosa Neighborhood Sign Project. With the generous support of these businesses, over $5000.00 has been raised towards making our sign project a reality.
“Good Neighbors”
Florida Hospital
Pelloni Development Corporation
Framing of Central Florida
Parisian Cleaners
The Garden Palette
Orlando Utilities Commission

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