Florida Hospital Expansion

Update from Gordon Spears, 10/2/07:
I think that the main points that I want to bring up with the FH planners are:
1) The neighborhood’s preference for mixed use along the alden corridor (rather than Commercial as FH has proposed) in keeping with the city’s comp plan vision for the rest of the Alden corridor.
2) Ways that FH can partner with the City in developing adjacent parks such as the USDA site and improvements to Loch Haven Park and the Lake Formosa loop trail.
3) Ways that FH can partner with the City in facilitating transportation improvements such as expanded LYMMO service to Florida Hospital/Loch Haven Park, and optimal pedestrian/bicycle access to the proposed Commuter Rail station.
The DRI modification application document is available on line at the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council’s web site: http://www.ecfrpc.org/Main/Main.asp

Once you are there, navigate to “Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs)” Then to the “DRI Tool”
Search by “DRI Name”, and enter “Orange” in the county pull down menu, and “Florida Hospital Orlando Health Village” in the DRI Name pulldown menu, and press the “Submit” button.
There is no way to link directly to the main page for this application, but it contains links to the various sub-sections. They are as follows:


http://www.cfgis.org/dritool/PDF/282/Part2 Maps.pdf



http://www.cfgis.org/dritool/PDF/282/Part5%20Transportation Methodology Appendix A.pdf

http://www.cfgis.org/dritool/PDF/282/Part6 Transportation Methodology Appendix B.pdf

http://www.cfgis.org/dritool/PDF/282/Part7 Transportation Methodology Appendix C thru G.pdf

http://www.cfgis.org/dritool/PDF/282/Part8 Transportation Methodology Appendix H thru M.pdf

http://www.cfgis.org/dritool/PDF/282/Part10 Exhibit 1_1.pdf

http://www.cfgis.org/dritool/PDF/282/Part11 Exhibit 1_ 2.pdf

http://www.cfgis.org/dritool/PDF/282/Part12 Exhibit%2019%20thru%2024.pdf

http://www.cfgis.org/dritool/PDF/282/Part13 Letters.pdf

Thanks to everyone for their time and attention to this important aspect of our community’s future.
Gordon Spears

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